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  • pam
    A better way to utilize the Goodness we call Pine Sol15.0
    Idea posted December 4, 2012 by pamInspirational Ideators 
    A better way to utilize the Goodness we call Pine Sol

    I love to use Pine Sol, however I am stuck in the days of the orginal Pine Sol, not the newer versions.  Because I use it so often, I always purchase the commericals gallons  *the bigger ones with the handle surrounding the cap*.  I can not tell you how many times I have gone to pour some into a mop bucket, cleaning bucket, onto the mop, ther floor and gotten bumped into  and end up pouring more than I actually need. I decided the way for me to combat this issue is to take an old dish liquid container (rinsing out thoroughly , of course)  and pour the Pine Sol into it.  This way I can squeeze out what I need, without over using, leading to waste.  This cuts down on being bumped into and it splashing out all over the place and it has saved me some money over time as I am the one controlling how much is used,  So in case you haven't guessed what my idea is, I'll tell you.....A very smart and ingenious idea would be to create Pine Sol in a squeeze bottle.




  • Jillie
    A new take on the old Lysol 'pine power' product,15.0
    Idea posted January 7, 2013 by JillieInspirational Ideators 
    A new take on the old Lysol 'pine power' product,

    I use original scent pine sol on everything, including in the bathroom/toilet area. When I was growing up, there used to be a product by lysol for use in toilets, called 'pine power', and it was a pine scented, disinfecting gel for use in toilets. If pine sol put out an original scent, cleaning 'gel' (especially with an angled bottle to get up under the rim, I would be a happy girl indeed. I think a very strong, original scent gel for scouring sinks and tubs in addition to toilets would sell like hotcakes (especially to me!!!) Clorox also makes those premeasured 'stick ups', which you use the wand to stick a gel disc to the side of your toilet bowl, so it can clean with every wash. If these were available in pine sol original scent, and my bathroom could continuosly smell like pine sol, I would be a very happy girl, indeed! Also, those tablets that you throw in the toilet tank, to color the water blue and disinfect. in pine sol original scent would be WONDERFUL!!!

  • handyman20
    A shower glass scrubber with your Lavender scent Pine-Sol13.0
    Idea posted February 28, 2011 by handyman20 
    A shower glass scrubber with your Lavender scent Pine-Sol

    A hand held glass scrubber for shower area that can stay in the shower area. Shaped like an ice scraper with hollow handle for the pine-sol. Instead of scraper on end, it would be like a felt pad scrubber. Maybe a finger pump primer button on handle.

    And a suction cup thingy on the handle end to stick it to the shower wall. Then I could clean the glass doors at the end of my shower, before I get out.

  • vivalasgogirl
    A Solid Case3.0
    Idea posted March 29, 2011 by vivalasgogirlInspirational Ideators 
    A Solid Case

    I have always had a bottle of Pine-Sol in the house since I was little. Call it tradition. My family has always used it to clean many surfaces. We found it works good on concrete also. We have a sun porch that gets a good cleaning every spring and Pine-Sol is an ideal cleaning solution to make it smell fresh.

  • linda76542
    air freshener13.3
    Idea posted April 8, 2012 by linda76542 
    air freshener

    make pinesol air fresheners

  • Miss_Tiffany
    All Pine-sol, All the time!
    Idea posted January 15, 2013 by Miss_Tiffany 
    All Pine-sol, All the time!

    Pine-sol has very sentimental value to me, whenever my brother and I would visit our granparents, my Gramma would clean, EVERYTHING with Pine-sol (original scent) sadly, she passed away when I was 5 and I don't remember much from when she was around. My Grampa passed away in 2004. I was very close with him, and my brother was very close with Gramma. Pine-sol is our go-to comfort in our darkest of days. The scent itself, is my memory trigger, and everyone in my family knows this. When I have a REALLY bad day my boyfriend will wash the floors and use a little extra pine-sol. It gives me a feeling of peace, love, comfort and really eases my heart. I would LOVE if Pine-sol would make a home fragerance, bathroom cleaner, candles, anything that could make my house smell like gramma and grampa's house. It would make me the happiest person in the history of earth, and I would definately stock up so I would never run out of anything. All Pine-sol, all the time!

    PS- Thank you for never changing the "original scent" like alot of other companies have!!!! 

  • Bernadine
    automatic air fresheners2.0
    Idea posted May 9, 2014 by Bernadine 
    automatic air fresheners
    You should make an air freshener that smells just like pine-sol. Make it like the automatic air fresheners and I would buy millions! I love the way pine-sol smells and would love if my house always smelled like it.
  • SallEliz
    Bathroom Odors13.0
    Idea posted August 21, 2011 by SallEliz 
    Bathroom Odors

        I have a young son who "misses" occasionally when using the restroom.  Nothing makes me feel better about the smell and disinfecting than PineSol and a toothbrush around the base of the toilet!

  • merrypoint
    Bathroom Tile1.0
    Idea posted November 25, 2011 by merrypoint 
    Bathroom Tile

     Cleaning my floors with Pine Sol gives them a shine and leaves a clean fresh smell

  • CapeFlo
    Best insecticide EVER!! Safe, effective, and inexpensive!34.5
    Idea posted July 28, 2011 by CapeFlo 
    Best insecticide EVER!! Safe, effective, and inexpensive!

    Do you want to know the safest way to get rid of fleas, bedbugs, ants, and any other bugs that are bugging you?


    The product is PINESOL and it is by far the best, safest insecticide EVER!

    It kills fleas and bedbugs that no product can kill. Why pay an expensive exterminator to come to your home 3 times and most of the time the bedbugs or fleas return?

    I buy a huge bottle of PINESOL at BJ's Wholesale Club for less than $10 and that is enough to do the whole house!! An exterminator will cost hundreds.


    For bedbugs, you will have do a little work.... You'll need a mixture of half PINESOL and half waterin a spray bottle. Spray lightly on all surfaces of mattress and box spring. Or use a washcloth with straight PINESOL and wipe down ALL surfaces. You don't need to soak it. Pay careful attention to seams cause that is where they lay their eggs. Do both sides of mattress and box spring. Then put the mattress and box spring aside because then you will need to wipe down the entire bed frame and rails. Then wash all bedding using a 1/2 cup of PINESOL in washer... no detergent. Then dry on high heat setting. (heat kills bedbugs and eggs also) Also put pillows in dryer for 3 minutes or so on high, being careful if they are foam, as foam can burn. You can also spray or wipe down pillows. Then wash all floors with PINESOL, according to label directions but spray or wipe a little extra along edges of floors..Spray any carpets and rugs with the PINESOL/water mixture..Also go around the room and do any place a bug might hide ... put on your thinking cap.

     Also do furniture and floors in the rest of the house because these critters travel. You don't have to do the whole house in one day, because the PINESOL  keeps working even after it is dry., but try to complete it as soon as you can. When you are done the bugs will be dead and your house will smell great!

     PINESOL works on all bug problems without harming pets or people.

    Vets have admitted that fleas have developed an immunity to Frontline and other such products. But they are not immune to PINESOL.

    PINESOL works every time. It can be used as a flea shampoo and is more effective than expensive commercial flea shampoos. And it is safer. Commercial flea shampoo has a warning on the label telling you not to get it on your skin!! But they want you to put it on your pet???? Just use PINESOL like you would any pet shampoo and leave it on for a minute and then rinse completely.  If you wash your pet in a tub, you will see dead fleas! It kills them instantly, unlike commercial chemical flea shampoo. Just be sure to use enough to get a good sudsing. Keep it away from your pets eyes and ears. I just do under the chin and top of head, and then around the neck and then the rest of the body and legs and tail.

    And it can be mixed half and half with water to use in a spray bottle to spray rugs. When used to wash floors it kills fleas and eggs.

    Keep a spray bottle filled with the mixture for use on any critter which shows up, like flies or mosquitoes. I sprayed my kitchen counters when I had ants and it kills them quickly. Two applications and they are gone till next year.

    It is amazing. It can be used in the garden for pests

    I discovered the insecticide use of PINESOL a few years ago, quite by accident. At first I was only telling family and close friends about this, while I tried to think of a way to benefit financially. But people started talking and it started to spread. So I decided I may as well put this info out for the public, kind of as a public service. It has already hit some animal-welfare websites.

    Please share this info with all your friends. You never know who might need it.

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