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  • Irma Garcia
    Handle on pine sol
    Idea posted September 10, 2016 by Irma Garcia 
    Handle on pine sol
    Just put handle on pine sol. Had an embarrassing moment hen it slipped out of my hands and broke in cashiers aisle. Well at least she had clean aisle.
  • Mary Adams
    Pine-Sol with accu-measure sides!5.0
    Idea posted August 16, 2014 by Mary Adams 
    Pine-Sol with accu-measure sides!

    I don't know about anyone else but I actually measure how much Pine-Sol to put in a gallon of water, so I make sure I'm sanitizing my floors & not just cleaning them. To do this, I have to measure water in my measuring cup I use for cooking, then pour this water into a plastic cup, mark the cup where the water line is, then pour Pine-Sol in the plastic cup until it reaches the line I made when the water was in it. This gets old & yes, I can keep using the same plastic cup but I don't want anyone accidentally pouring a beverage in it. What would be more helpful is a bottle with 1/4 cup increments printed or indented on the bottle. This way, I can pour Pine-Sol directly into my bucket, without having to go through a process to measure it.

  • Keisha Mason
    Pine-Sol rugs4.0
    Idea posted July 17, 2014 by Keisha Mason 
    Pine-Sol rugs
    • Why you think it's a great idea Pine-Sol rugs would be an awesome idea because when placed on carpet, floor, car floors etc. 1) It will keep the underneath surface clean,  2.) When stepped upon, the rug will release a fresh aromatic smell of the Pine.

    • What problem it can solve. 1) The rug would keep the underneath surface clean from dirt, germs, debris that people or animals often track in daily. 2) The rug will bring out a pine fresh odor scent when aggravated by movement like scratch and sniff but in this case touch n smell Pineness

    • How you deal with the problem today Sanitizing the area with a crisp of freshness when you walk into a room.

    • A illustration or schematic of your idea

    • Anything else you think can help explain your idea Yes,  keep your life Pined with Pine-Sol.

  • Keisha Mason
    Pine-Sol dish cloth
    Idea posted June 30, 2014 by Keisha Mason 
    Pine-Sol dish cloth

    I use Pine-Sol a great deal in almost everywhere in my household. Because I have teenagers and their rooms smells disgusting. I have invented a spray bottle filled with the Pine-Sol and a small amount of water, and another item  to deodorize their carpets and mattresses. I also would highly suggest the company makes a  disposable dish cloth as it would help to keep my stove, kitchen  counters etc as well as the bathroom area smelling fresh when used. One more thing, Pine-Sol candles would give a home, business, etc a nice touch of strong smelling clean freshness.

  • Lisa J.
    Flea and tick bath14.0
    Idea posted May 28, 2014 by Lisa J. 
    Flea and tick bath

    I love to walk trails in the local national forest and bring my dogs. The only problem is my chihuahuas sometime get chiggers ( no-see-ums or red bugs) or seed ticks. They are sensitive and allergic to harsh flee and tick shampoos. I first bathe them with regular shampoo and then pour 1/2 cup of Pine Sol in the tub of water and rinse them in it. It naturally repels and kills the bugs plus relieves the itching while leaving them smelling great.

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