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  • Christian Pineda
    Idea posted March 26, 2017 by Christian Pineda 


    The Multibottle is a spray bottle that has the capability of holding 3 different liquids. The user can easily choose between the 3 liquids with a twist of a knob, saving time and energy, as well as shelf space. Cleaning the bathroom will be a breeze with the Multibottle because the user will only have to use one bottle to clean the toilet, mirror (glass cleaner), and disinfectant.

    Target market: general home use, hotels, restuarants, maid services, car detailing, and other cleaning services

  • Donson tsosie
    Disposal plastic sock
    Idea posted September 27, 2016 by Donson tsosie 
    Disposal plastic sock
    With winter coming up again.Time for us construction workers to start saving plastic bags to put over our socks to try keep our socks dry after our shoes gets wet.Once our socks get wet,it is almost impossible to keep our feet warm.So,instead of using plastic grocery bag,why not,make a desposable plastic sock to wear over our sock.Not just for construction worker,hunter,rancher,etc. Needs to keep their sock dry
  • emalone11
    Childproof Cap23.0
    Idea last edited February 9, 2012 by emalone11 
    Childproof Cap

    Make the cap on a bottle of bleach childproof, so they cannot open it.

  • Jon Corral
    Clorox Stick & Rips
    Idea posted February 22, 2016 by Jon Corral 
    Clorox Stick & Rips

    A compact, travel-friendly roll of Clorox wipes with an adhesive backing so you can stick it where you need it most.

    One of the problems with Clorox wipes is that sometimes you need them NOW and their just out of reach in the next room. Stick & Rips would let you stick them to any surface you know you'll have to wipe down, so they can always be where you need them.

  • Henri Nkuepo
    ToiletMate - Clean Urine and Kill germs on Toilet toilet...
    Idea posted January 11, 2016 by Henri Nkuepo 
    ToiletMate - Clean Urine and Kill germs on Toilet toilet seats

    ToiletMate is an easy to use bathroom cleaning tool which has a long handle and a detachable cleaning pad. It's used to clean urine and kill germs on toilet seat (private or public toilet). You fill the handle with the disinfectant of your choice, pomp, spray, clean and release the flush-able cleaning pad. It's simple, clean and smart. You don't need to clean urine directly with your hands anymore and you'll be confident that you have successfully disinfected the toilet seat.​ 

    My wife hates it when she sees urines on toilet seats. I do too. She hardly uses public toilets because the seats are almost always wet and or infected. Imagine your nearest coffee shop; the staff always have to clean after the customers and they do it using their hands + toilet papers. 

    With ToiletMate, you do not have to clean other people urines directly with your hands and toilet paper. You can now clean and disinfect at the same time. I paid about USD17,000 for the prototype and it's available and works perfect.

    The patent search from the report produced by World Patent Marketing did not identify a similar product. It did mention products that are used to clean toilet bowls (inside) and not the seat. So ToiletMate is different in that it has all (detachable cleaning pad, disinfectant and handle) in one and it's used to clean and disinfect toilet seat.

    People using ToiletMate will have to buy cleaning pads whenever they run out. So, the product is not a one-time purchase.

    One would expect to find toiletmate in BedBath&Beyond, Kohl's, Kmart, CVS, Giant

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