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    Unique Cleaning Products That Target Thrift Shoppers &...3thrift_love.jpg
    Idea posted June 28, 2014 by vscience, tagged favorite, innovation image in my Clorox® idea > New Ideas public
    Unique Cleaning Products That Target Thrift Shoppers & Recycling Junkies

    Thrift Shop Junkies and Recycling Fanatics Rejoice! 
    Here's an idea for creating a new line of cleaning products specifically targeting consumers who love to buy second-hand, used, recycled products. The focus is gently SANITIZING as well as cleaning second-hand items.

    How I came up with this idea?
    I'm a black belt thrift shopper. I buy everything recycled and used. The problem is that EVERYTHING purchased from a second hand store must be cleaned thoroughly.  It is extremely important to clean and sanitize used clothing, household items, toys etc.   I would like to see a new line of products specifically for thrift store shoppers. 

    Unique Cleaning Criteria:
    Consumers who buy used items need to take extra care to clean their purchases carefully.  The product line should be specifically designed to clean and sanitize thrift, re-use, second-hand items such as clothing, toys, household items. The product line could include a stronger antibacterial laundry soap, a disinfectant spray, and stronger anti-bacterial wipes.  The unique cleaning criteria opens Clorox to an innovative and disruptive cleaning product line.

    Suggested name:  I (Heart) Thrift

    Supporting Quick Facts / Reference:
    According to America’s Research Group, the resale market is BIG. It is blossoming thanks to value-conscious consumers. About 16 - 18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. For consignment/resale shops, it’s about 12 - 15%. To keep these figures in perspective, consider that during the same time frame; 11.4% of Americans shop in factory outlet malls, 19.6% in apparel stores and 21.3% in major department stores. That means, used items are a major market! There are currently more than 25,000 resale, consignment and Not For Profit resale shops in the United States. Resale is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. First Research estimates the resale industry in the U.S. to have annual revenues of approximately $13 billion. Goodwill Industries alone generated $2.69 billion in retail sales from more than 2,500 Not For Profit resale stores. 

    Millions of people shop for used items. These consumers have unique cleaning needs.   It is an open and untapped market that fits into the Clorox product line. 


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    Dear Glad Press.docxDear Glad Press.docx
    Idea posted June 25, 2014 by lauren tessier, tagged favorite, innovation image in my Glad® idea > New Ideas public

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