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    Customized Brita Faucet Filter2
    Idea posted April 11, 2014 by K Nguyen  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Brita® idea > New Ideas public
    Customized Brita Faucet Filter

    Please see below email to and from Brita for
    information. Thank you.

    Response By Email (Elizabeth) (04/11/2014 12:48 PM)
    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers and their ideas on how to continue improving our products.
     At this time, to successfully submit your suggestion you would have to go online to www.cloroxconnects.com and complete the online registration process.
    Again, thank you for contacting us.
    Consumer Services
    Customer By CSS Web (K Nguyen) (04/09/2014 02:26 AM)

    I have been able to figure out a way to customize the Brita Faucet Filter that was recently bought from AMAZON.COM to make it more convenient to use and to avoid letting hot water run through it. Now, it can be connected to a garden hose and work with any size of container (see enclosed picture).

    Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System, Chrome

    If you let me know how to upload a picture of that customized setting I will be happy to send it to you.

    K Nguyen

    If you need to contact us in the future about this issue please you this reference number: 140409-000033



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    Cleaning Hard to reach Bathroom areas2IMG_3294.JPG
    Idea posted March 31, 2014 by delpagroup  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Clorox® idea > New Ideas public
    Cleaning Hard to reach Bathroom areas

    I am a father of 3 and help my wife clean the bathrooms, when you think bathroom you think toilets. Toilets are tough enough to clean especially the crevices, when the kids miss the mark and not clean up after themselves (You know what I am talking about :) My idea is to create a toothbrush device , this device will have bristles hard enough to clean and loosen debris but not to hard to cause damage to the porcelain, most toilets are mad of. The toothbrush will have an opening on the opposite end and you fill with Cloroxor a Clorox formula . The Toothbrush will automatically dispense the Clorox liquid when applying pressure to the hard to reach crevices and the britles will loosen up the hard to remove debris on the toilet. You can use for Bathroom tile crevices and cleaning the dirt or hard water around sink fixtures.


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    Cleaning Caddy (CC)2
    Idea posted March 15, 2014 by sarahsunrise  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Clorox® idea > New Ideas public
    Cleaning Caddy (CC)

    Clean more efficiently because the CC is an all in one perfect size carrier as handy as the toolbox for the handy man.

    Clean without cross contamination because the CC has color coded/designated easy to use compartments for area specific brushes and cleaning products.

    Clean with the products you like because the CC is designed to cart canisters with wipes or spray bottles.

    The current products available are buckets unnecessarily large, belts to fit these buckets with pockets that are too large.

    This products will be a small bucket to hold a roll of paper towels or color coded cleaning rags.  It will have a compartment for a "toothbrush-like"  cleaning utensil (to use only around the toilet) on one side -with an indicator to keep it from getting confused with other cleaning utensils.  On the other side will be a compartment for another "toothbrush-like" compartment for a utensil to clean only around the sink/shower.  

    I have a prototype of this product, approved by by scientist husband and my engineer son. It works!  



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    Bleach Bottle Pourer4spout.jpg
    Idea posted March 12, 2014 by imbooggs  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Clorox® idea > New Ideas public
    Bleach Bottle Pourer


    I'd like to suggest putting a pourable extended spout on the Clorox bleach bottles. This would really cut down on the splashing / spilling that happens when adding bleach to washing machines. The opening for my bleach dispenser is very small & I worry that the bleach will go everywhere when I fill it. I'm not able to get very close to the opening when I pour. Currently I have my husband fill it for me & I hate asking him for help since he has so many other things to do. I do use the splashless Clorox bleach but don't feel it really fits my needs.
    I envision this enhancement to be similar to a spout you find on salt packaging where the spout slips back into the packaging. Another way to approach it might be to attach something similar to a collapsible straw that you could fit over the top of the cover and then funnel it in.
    Hope you like my idea.

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    Charcoal bags are cumbersome to lift and pour and don't...2
    Idea posted March 3, 2014 by dagger66  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Kingsford® idea > New Ideas public

    Charcoal bags are cumbersome to lift and pour and don't seal well which means they will absorb moisture from the basement or garage and they won't catch fire or burn as well when dry.  My idea is to package Kingsford Charcoal in a sturdy, reusable container with a handle and spout for easy lifting and pouring, with a snap lid to keep out moisture.  I made a proposed jpg file to show what the new packaging might look like.


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    Trash and Recycle bag in one5
    Idea posted February 19, 2014 by Thomas Orf  , tagged favorite, innovation image in my Glad® idea > New Ideas public
    Trash and Recycle bag in one

    I'd say almost 1/3 to 1/2 of our trash now is part recycled, part non recycled.  We currently have two separate trash cans in our pantry, one for each and they almost fill at the same time.  My idea is to make recycling easier for people and not have to have two trash cans in their house.  They just use one.

    When you take out a trash bag, it should be the normal size, but be two separate bags that are connected at the top and would fit your standard trash can.  These two bags would have a perforated line in the middle where they connect.  One side could be white (non recycled), the other bag could be green or blue (recycled).  When both sides are full, you pick the back up, take it outside, tear it apart along the perforated seam and place one in your recycled bin, and the other in your non-recycled bin.  You could get fancy and each have their own drawstring, etc.  

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