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    Clorox Bleach PODS
    Idea posted April 2, 2012 by Hboos1, last edited April 16, 2012 
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    Clorox Bleach PODS
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    I am a 47 year old diabled woman.  My neuromuscular disease weakens my muscles so heavy bottles of liquid bleach are cumbersome, difficult and painful.  PLEASE make Clorox Liquid Bleach into PODS like I use for my dishwasher and for my laundry detergent. I would love to toss a POD of CLOROX BLEACH into my washing machine dispenser along with my Tide POD. The disabled, the elderly, and busy people who just want to grab a "tablet" or POD and toss it in will thank you.  Also a POD or a fizzing tablet of Clorox bleach to toss in a bucket of cleaning water would be amazing, also.  We could eliminate a lot of plastic bottles if our cleaners came in PODS and/or dissolvable fizzing tablets!  What a GREEN idea to eliminate all the plastic!!



    • Cathy Liu

      I am sorry to hear about your disability.  We are thankful that you allow us to understand your needs for us to make your life easier.  Are you looking for Clorox Bleach Pods that you can put into dishwasher and washing machine?  Or should there be a dishwasher pod filled with dishwasher detergent and bleach and another laundry detergent and bleach pod?  Or you don't plan to use Clorox Bleach pods in dishwasher or washing machine, but you are looking to mix it in a bucket of water?  Thank you for your feedback.

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      • steph10023

        Clorox bleach pods are an awesome idea for anyone, not only disabled people. I told my husband just yesterday that there needs to be bleach pods. I'm tired of pouring bleach and having it unknowingly splatter on my clothes, only to leave a white mark on them. Clothes cost a lot of money and I need them to last as long as possible.

        • Cathy Liu
           Thank you for your feedback. We would definitely work with consumer's expectation on Clorox bleach product.
    • Heather & Betty

      My mother is an 87 years young and blind; my father is 87 years old and has limited mobility as well as chronic MRSA infection. We are seeking a bleach pod, that can be placed into the washing machine, along with the other laundry detergent pod she uses to launder clothes. BTW - this is one of the daily tasks that allows her to maintain her independence. Is there anything on the horizon?

      Many Thanks,



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