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    Clorox bleach dry drop in packets.
    Idea posted June 9, 2011 by gretastein12Brainy Brainstormers, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Clorox bleach dry drop in packets.
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    Okay, so if any of you have read my posts you will see I am a clean freak.  I live in a black and white, mostly white world,lol.  Why, because whites bleach well.  I always use Clorox bleach in my whites and was thinking "what if you came up with a dry powder bleach packet"  I could throw into my whites when I wash.  See the problem is I sometimes get it elsewhere.  I know you have the splashless and my seniors love that but what about a simple packet to throw in?  You could have a kit with say 6 to 8 packets that would last about a month which my bleach lasts.  Well at least the one in the wash room.  :)




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