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    Mary Adams
    Pine-Sol with accu-measure sides!
    Idea posted August 16, 2014 by Mary Adams 
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    Pine-Sol with accu-measure sides!
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    I don't know about anyone else but I actually measure how much Pine-Sol to put in a gallon of water, so I make sure I'm sanitizing my floors & not just cleaning them. To do this, I have to measure water in my measuring cup I use for cooking, then pour this water into a plastic cup, mark the cup where the water line is, then pour Pine-Sol in the plastic cup until it reaches the line I made when the water was in it. This gets old & yes, I can keep using the same plastic cup but I don't want anyone accidentally pouring a beverage in it. What would be more helpful is a bottle with 1/4 cup increments printed or indented on the bottle. This way, I can pour Pine-Sol directly into my bucket, without having to go through a process to measure it.

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