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    Charles Underwood
    Idea posted April 23, 2012 by Charles UnderwoodInfluential Innovators, last edited May 30, 2012 by Cathy LiuInnovation Ambassadors, tagged favorite 
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    Hi All, Cool


    I crurently use GLAD FORCEFLEX Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags and love them! But GLAD can go farther by hitting the "designer bag" market. I mean, have you seen the movie, "Keeping up with the Jones"? If one person buys it, then the next person has got to have it. 

    They look great! They will sell very well! I think this is a million dollar idea. Let me illustrate my point. Check out the images below.

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    • Charles Underwood

      In addition to the two links provided below the PINK POKEY DOT TRASH BAGS here are two others to illustrate the idea:


      So, I look forward to the next big thing being GLAD DESIGNER TRASH BAGS. I am not sure about the pokey dot. But I like PINK, BLUE, YELLOW w/ WHITE STRIPES. I would buy them because I want my trash to look good outside while it waits for the trashman to pick it up. I have a cute apartment, somebody has a cute house, I am telling you do some market research and you will discover OXYTOCIN is a chemical released from the brain that relates to emotional bonding. Corporations use this in advertising to get you to purchase their products. For example Charmin toliet paper have the cute bears. So selling bags with cute animals, unique designes can work the same way! In fact in can be addicting!! So what am I saying? Go for it! Start planning to roll out GLAD DESIGNER TRASH BAGS...because it is a great idea!!!




      Charles Underwood

    • Cathy Liu

      Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful idea and spending time to do research on various cool designs.  CloroxConnects member Shelly L.

      also wants a decorative trash bag.  Instead of having a design on the entire bag, bonnieann on the other hand suggests a decorative border for the bag.  What do you think of their ideas?  Moreover, will you spend more money to purchase a decorative trash bag?  If you will, how much more?  Thank you for your feedback.

      We appreciate that you spent time to develop your idea.  We marked it as our favorite of the week (see the front page at under favorite ideas of the week and to see it highlighted) to demonstrate what is a well-thought out idea!  



    • Charles Underwood

      Hi Cathy,

      Sounds like this other people are liking the idea as well. I am not so much for the decorative border as my trash bag does not show inside the trash can I have in my house. Your Glad unique designer trash bag should cover the entire outside of the bag so our trash can look attractive outside in our yards instead of just looking like trashy trash. Cool


      How much more would I spend? If I spent $10 on regular trash bags I would spend $13-14 on designer bags. That is quite a lot more cash, a 30%-40% mark up! I also think if you move forward with this you should start off with at least 3-4 designs, perhaps offering other custom designs on Glad's website for personalization like M&M Candy has for their custom candy. Clorox Company would see profit growth in the GLAD brand with these bags.  Even after the added cost of printing the designs on them the substantial profit markup would make them viable to begin production today. 

      Kind regards,

      Charles Underwood

    • Cathy Liu

      Thank you.  We definitely will send this idea out for consumers' rating.  Clorox Product Development team prioritizes projects according to highest consumers' rating.

    • kathicake1

      I love this idea, would show a person's personality in their garbage instead of the boring black or white bags.

      I would buy these trash bags, expecially if they were purple with stars on them. My 2 favorite things.

    • Charles Underwood

      Thank you Kathy!

      I appreciate your support for my idea. I love the idea of Purple bags with stars on them! That is an excellent design! What color would you have the stars be? White? Black? Yellow? Red? Gray?

      • kathicake1
         flourescent green stars would REALLY stand out. I know our trash collector would love for people to have designer bags. He watches peoples bags and looks for odd ones. Believe it or not people do drop their trash at other people's houses so they don't have to pay for garbage collection. If he sees an odd one he opens it and looks for anything that will have a name on it, if it isn't the home he is at, he gets them for theft of services.
    • melissa

      Could also do ones for holidays with cute lil things one them or  more serious christmas people

    • Charles Underwood


      Great idea! Have baby blue bags with white snowmen or snow flakes during Christmas!  Could have black bags with Orange pumpkins during Halloween! I could see easter bunnies and easter eggs on Easter. Hope Glad makes these soon!!!

    • Cathy Liu

      Glad product team will definitely refer to your guys' design ideas when contemplating new products!

    • kathicake1

      or bags that identify recyclables verses garbage

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